5 tips for effective Networking


      5 tips for effective Networking You are trying to expand your network and relationships to ultimately drive sales and revenue growth.  You attend the monthly, bi-weekly or weekly meetings.  You take time out of your schedule to attend these meetings when you could be performing other tasks such as meeting with clients […]

8 Tips for Effective Communication

Blackboard Communication

Top 8 ways to be an Effective Communicator 93% of all communication is non-verbal.  Let me say that again, 93% of all communication is non-verbal. This statistic never ceases to amaze me! Personally, I have always preferred to have meetings, conversations, etc. in person.  The reason why, is I could read body language and determine […]

Leadership Development/Developing Leaders Around You

Developing Leaders Around You For the purpose of this blog, the terms delegating and asking for help will have a synonymous meaning. Do you find yourself with a seemingly insurmountable number of tasks to be accomplished?  Yet, instead of delegating you try to complete each tasks yourself because delegating and explaining what needs to be […]